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Moyani Raw Unrefined Shea Buttahs 4oz jars

Moyani Organic Unrefined Whipped Buttah


Introducing Moyani Organic Unrefined Whipped Buttah, expertly crafted from the finest organic shea butter imported from Ghana, Africa. Sourced through fair trade, this product supports rural farmers and their families, ensuring they receive fair wages for their hard work. Our whipped buttah is unrefined and unprocessed, allowing it to retain all of its natural vitamins and nutrients. Perfect for moisturizing dry skin, conditioning hair, or soothing irritation, this decadent product is a must-have for any beauty routine. Treat yourself to the lush, creamy texture of Moyani Organic Unrefined Whipped Buttah and experience the difference of pure, organic ingredients.

    $6.67 Regular Price
    $6.00Sale Price
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