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Our Mission

From a Desire for heathy living, to likeminded persons coming together to make a difference.
Moyani promotes  transformative and sustainable organic personal care products for the entire family. 

      David (aka Dr. Dave) and Aniya are founders of Moyani Difference, inspired by a lineage of naturopathic knowledge and a personal battle with adversity. Their story, rooted in a profound belief in the healing power of organic care, exemplifies a commitment to educating the community on the genuine benefits of organic products.

      Aniya's confrontation with a rare cancer at the age of 13 not only tested their resilience but also crystallized their mission. She, at the time, was the only child in the state of Virginia with such a diagnosis, one that her attending Oncologist had only read about in his 25-year medical career. Now, 3 years cancer free and emerging stronger from the ordeal, the family created Moyani as a symbol of hope and healing. With a foundation of faith and rich cultural heritage traditions, Moyani aims to revolutionize the biocosmetic industry by ensuring every product benefits customers and the Earth.

      Recognizing the challenges of maintaining uncompromised product quality and ethical sourcing, Moyani has strong partnerships with its suppliers. This global network guarantees the organic integrity of the ingredients and fosters growth and sustainability. Moyani rigorous quality checks and a transparent sourcing policy exist to address potential supply chain vulnerabilities, while strengthening its commitment to excellence and ethical practices. ​Further, understanding the importance of community support, Moyani pledges 3% of every sale to local and global humanitarian efforts, embodying the circle of life philosophy, while Veterans and Persons with special abilities package Moyani's products right here in the US. This effort enriches local and global communities and reinforces Moyani's ethos of giving back, transforming potential weaknesses into pillars of strength and shared success.

      Moyani is a movement, advocating for a world where organic personal care harmonizes with cultural dignity and ecological responsibility. So, embark on this journey with purpose, where each product tells a story, every purchase makes a difference, and empowerment is the fabric of our philosophy—Moyani, where organic personal care meets a global commitment toward meaningful change.

Our Values

Moyani is a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible minority-owned business. Our customers are family, with 3% of all purchases going toward humanitarian efforts. Through Non-Profit Organizations, Product and Good-Will Ambassadors Moyani's mission is possible. Whether providing clean drinking water in Africa or sheltering the homeless in Brazil Moyani is more than a personal care brand.

  That's the #moyanidifference!

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African Child
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